july review: the lake, harry potter, and american idol tour

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so july is basically over
hobby lobby already has christmas set up - that stresses me out
it tells my brain the year is over
and i've yet to figure out my plans for school in 2012
really, i need to figure a lot out.

...now for my foto-review of recent events:

this is B...and me:

me and b were good friends
back in our byu days
and still are
really, he's one of the few i'm still in touch with
we relate on a lot of things in life
i miss him.

now i'm overly excited
because B is getting MARRiED!!!
to miss kelli lebaron...

they are a perfect match
(i hope she doesn't mind me snagging her foto)
they've asked me to be in the wedding
which is perfect
because i wasn't planning on missing it anyway.

so...november 5th is the big day
i already have my flight to Salt Lake
and my dress
and can't hardly wait for this reunion
and happy times.
my first time back to utah in
3 1/2 years.

other july events...

6 hours of Harry Potter
Part I and Part II
we all just left ever more disappointed
that Hogwarts is not real.

my sister, Cinnamon, and her kids were in town
we spent a day at lake lanier
the water made me miss my view of the beaches
in Puerto Rico and Barbados
and how i wished i could live like that forever
right on the water.

i did not document my evening at the Fox Theater in Atlanta
for Fiddler on the Roof,
but i did get something from the
american idol 2011 tour concert!
it was a very fun night
and full of  s t e l l a r  talent

all i had was a lil dinky camera, so the fotos are not up to par...

singing celo green's "forget you"

lauren alaina and her new hit single "like my mother does"

scotty mcreery

i had to capture the ONLY jacob lusk fan in the audience.. HA!
he came on right after james durbin (fotos below)
everybody was up and going wild for james
...and then the disco lights came on
jacob came out...
and only one person was really into it.

james durbin rockin out in the crowd
i thought he did the best
of course, he did sing Muse
and i love Muse.

i wish i had some fotos of stefano langone
he was my crush in the beginning
(paul mcdonald being the other - LOVEhim)
though it seems he's come out of his shell a bit
because he had half his clothes off through his performances!
believe me, no one was complaining.

mine and ryan's happy face
i left craving more live music
too bad there are very few shows coming up
that i'm interested in at least.

we made homemade spaghetti sauce with some of our tomatoes

...we cut up some...
and then mom went out for more to add to it...
and look!
my first sunflower bloomed!
we have quite a few more now.
and bigger


London said...

I love all the blog changes!! Looks great!! Love you!!

Kelli LeBaron said...

i just love you, whit :)
and please, snag away!