idea box

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embroider a map...i'm going to do this:

DiY: ruffle pillows
i'm all about ruffles.

DiY: milk glass!
i love it:

DiY: awesome birthday card
flowers in teapots!

fruit in waffle cones for a party!

eclectic decor:

(above and below)
...i like these home decor ideas...

tasty treats for a summer day

one day, when i have a wedding,
it will be monochromatic.

and i really feel the blue.


i liked these neat "space saver" and "de-clutter" ideas.
organization is a beauty!


women in Uganda make beads out of recycled colored paper and magazines
then they turn it into RAD jewelry.

i bought myself some.
check it out...

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  i like this look: fill your wall with art/fotos that express the inner you...

idea: canvas wrap various fabric patterns. quick. easy. creative....loveit!
 i just like everything about this...

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