one of my favorite things...

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i like to read.
a lot.
i was the quiet little girl that always had her nose stuck in a book
and i liked reading out loud to my mom and grandparents
and telling stories.
Roald Dahl was my childhood favorite. i collected his books.
The BFG was the B E S T!

anytime kevin hears that i'm reading, he jokes with me that i must be bored.
i explain to him that reading for me is like soccer to him.
i look forward to it.
it makes me happy.


last night i finished my latest book infatuation.
ok, maybe not infatuation,
but i really enjoyed them.
i was skeptical at first...i never thought i was into that fantasy stuff
i mean, other than the Twighlight series and Interview with a Vampire. i read those.
oh...let's not forget Harry Potter...the ones i read, i loved.
i also enjoyed The Hobbit back in middle school.
come to think of it, i guess i do like fantasy...haha.
i'm such a nerd!
 this about demon slayers.
ha! yes.
don't judge me.
they pull you in!
over the course of 2 weeks i read all three.
the fourth will be out in april.
 go figure...they're currently casting for the movies i found out.
i like reading the books before i see the movies,
so at least i'm ahead of the game.
though i'm still waiting for my Hunger Games movies to come out too.
i'll add these to my list.

i would like to thank wil for suggesting i read these.
if anyone else has a good read in mind...
i'm always taking recommendations.

if you are looking for something to read...
my favorite:

i also love...
 *Jane Eyre*
*The Essential Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson*
*Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close*
*Into the Wild*
*Man's Search for Meaning* (gives you perspective on life)

my lil niece, Zia, will have eye surgery...
she's not in glasses anymore right now
hopefully all goes well with her operation and her lil eyes will be fixed.
she's in our prayers...



B said...

soo I just realized I have a copy of Catcher in the Rye in my possesion, with a cover all marked and doodled on in sharpie. words of wisdom and little whit-isms. guess i never gave it back. made me really miss you.