only the curious have something to find...

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everybody has their "happy" songs on their playlist.
you know, the ones that when they come on, it puts you in a good mood?
this has always been one of mine...
and i want to share it with you...

by Nickel Creek

"you dream of colors that have never been made,
you imagine in songs that have never been played..."

my playlist is always full of Nickel Creek.
i lovelovelove them.
i wanted to cry when they broke up.
...chris thile, their mandolinist, wanted to go solo.
(he has some great solo stuff, btw)
but i miss Nickel Creek.
this is my tribute to them...
some of my favorite songs of theirs
"where can a dead man go? a question with an answer only dead men know.
but i'm gonna bet they never really feel at home
if they spend their lifetime learning how to live in rome..."

"when you're soaring through the air, i'll be your solid ground.
take every chance you dare, i'll still be there,
when you come back down...
angel, you were born to fly.
and if you get too high,
i'll catch you when you fall..."

"you're staring the stars, jealous of the wish you could fly..."

there's no video for it,
but their song, "Hanging By A Thread"
it hits home for me every time.

Nickel Creek.


Kelli LeBaron said...

so so good.
i could cry every time i hear "jealous of the moon".
they're just so beautiful.
wish i could go back in time and see them live.