WiNTER 2011

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January 2011
here's to the new year that brought...

it's a pretty view.
i love to see the snow clumped on the green pines.

however this ice has kept me stuck at home.
i can't even go to Border's to get a new book to read and enjoy during this weather.

the roads won't permit it.

though i won't lie...this storm had ideal timing.
i've been off-and-on sick since new years.
canceled work for two days = PERFECT
because i've spent my time in bed.
achy and with a fever.
though today i had an appetite to eat a small bowl of chicken dumpling soup.
so far it has settled
and there has been no urgent runs to the bathroom

maybe we'll be back at work tomorrow.
i think so.
the ice is starting to slush up some.
it was SO not fun trying to de-snow and de-ice my car.
i had to put a pick-axe to it first to crack the top layer of ice.

all my utah friends are probably laughing at this right now.
i'm sorry, here in the south we don't DEAL with this much.
6 inches of snow and the whole dagum state shuts down!
true story.

*happy winter*

other news..
manda and braden had their reception... was lovely...

and ryan caught amanda's bouquet...
you know what THAT means...

...too bad i did not document the stellar dance-after-party.

one week of my online/night classes down...
and i'm on top of the game!
go me!
don't's been 2 years since i did any schooling
and i've never done online classes.
it can be a scary thing.
especially while working fulltime
and trying to fulfill a new years resolution of "being more social"
i also like my personal time, thank you.

Kevin took his English test today
...pray all went well...
the poor kid was so nervous
...a lot hangs on how well he does.


Kelli LeBaron said...

you're such a beautiful photographer, whit. I lovelovelove reading your blog.

whit said...

...but you as well.

m.e.w said...

beauty all around.
your face and the snow photos!
it makes me miss wisconsin.
also makes me remember the time i got a photo of you in barbados while i was freezing my bum off in the dead of winter!

whit said...

...i want that bajan beach so abd right now!...