so this is the new year....

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shaun, jake, nate and i went to downtown atlanta to watch the PEACHdrop!
we enjoyed our first hour of the new year on a downtown rooftop

i was sick and doped up on meds,
but we all agree that so far....2011 is the BEST YEAR EVER!

now...reviewing my past year
i've decided to post

now...remember...i spent the first half of my year in puerto rico
and barbados - in a different life/world
and really NOT in the loop of anything going on
so my best just that

best book
in this case...series...
i couldn't put them down.
maybe i'm mainstream.
but i can't wait for the movies!
'nuff said.
top 2010 new albums WORTH my listening to
LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening


Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

other noteworthy albums of the year:

Vampire Weekend: Contra

 Camila: Dejarte de Amar

Aventura: the Last                     Gotan Project: Tango3.0
Sufjan Stevens: The Age of Adz


for me
my 2010
for best all around

great cast.
made me want to see it AGAIN...

i loved it.

i'm not a movie-goer every weekend.
mainly because it's so dagum expensive these days.
but i also enjoyed these from the year...

...i cried more than i had an unexpected ending.

i love my comic book movies!
and i am a scarlett johansson fan.
her and angelina jolie are my chick faves.

yes, i am a fan!
loved the books.
watch the movies.

i thought this was the cutest warm fuzzy girly movie!

HARRY POTTER 7 would probably be up here, but i still haven't seen it.
lame, i know!

and honestly, i can't even remember all the movies i saw this year to make this list.

2010 was a great year for me.
remembering great moments... family i left in puerto rico last day on the mish in puerto rico
coming home to see my family after 18 months...
my sister, Tamaron, got married in the Mesa, AZ temple
i went to Colombia to visit mi amorcito
and meet his family...
fast forward a bit...
the year ended great...
my whole family together for Christmas.
and a reunion of friends...

...happy times had by all.
i'm still compiling my "hopes and dreams for the future"/goals list for 2011...
as of now...
  • budget up/buy a car
  • and a new digital SLR
  • speak slower (when i talk to people @ work on the phone, many tell me i talk too fast..ha..i'm working on it!)
  • be more may laugh, but it's true. if you know me, you know what i'm talking about
  • continue my education: get back to school/get good grades... and read more
  • move west when kevin gets stateside and be :) con el amor de mi vida
  • BODA!
  • not so much lose weight...but get in shape..more exercise regularly!
  • practice piano more
  • get some paintings done
  • put my art to good use...get some $$ out of it
  • manage my time better - don't procrastinate as bad :)
  • notice needs of others more - quit living so selfishly
  • don't complain
  • go back to Puerto Rico to visit
  • improve guitar skills list is growing on the daily...
dream big, right?!



NTrust said...

Awesome! I just read down and saw the old pictures of us too. And now we have some updated ones. Thank heavens. I do miss those two kids sometimes though.

m.e.w said...

best part of my 2010 = wisconsin!

btw LOVE your goals.

London said...

LOVE this post. i miss you whit. so so bad. new years looks great. im glad you had fun. your "best of 2010" were right on track...oh man we saw sufjan stevens here in was not only was the music just mind blowing but it was just as much visually appealing..his new cd rocks my world. your goals are inspiring and i need to work on lots of those as well...more social maybe?? haha i dont think you talk too fast tho..maybe i just dont know, im too used to you...interesting..haha. well i miss you and i hope this year is your greatest yet!