be a giver

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**DIALING 211 will let you know what volunteer/service opportunities there are in your area. It's free!**

 i give my shoes to those who need them
not to a landfill

i was able to collect a good bit of shoes as my holiday season project...
but i plan to keep doing it. 

click here to learn more and help...

donate your gently used or new shoes to soles4souls
if shoes are still wearable...they want them
any size, color, style...heels, flip flops, sneakers, flats

i'm always collecting shoes if you want to give me yours...
or go to the site and find out how to do it yourself.

if you're like probably have cute, good shoes in your closet you rarely wear...
give them to someone who may cherish them as their only pair.

in some cannot go to school unless they have shoes...
a pair of shoes is a blessing in so many ways.


if you don't have shoes to give
for every $1 donated...they get a pair of shoes.
so find your way to make a difference this new year