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i started off my Christmas week in the best way possible...
in dr. seuss' WHOVILLE!
with my lovely Neysha Face!!!!

Universal Studios.
i vote this best picture of the trip:

i'm getting ahead of myself...
let me back track a bit.
our weekend started off a little wrong..
4 hours behind schedule.
pulled over for a speeding ticket.
once we crossed the FL line i realized i left my wallet at home.
no cash. no debit card. no license. nada.
Dave was my sugar daddy all weekend. :)

Saturday: the wedding...
pouring rain up until 1pm.
luckily the water quit falling just in time for pictures...
and the overcast weather proved to be perfect lighting!

* l o v e *

Disney has been reconfirmed as the Happiest Place on Earth.

i have no pictures of the best of our adventures in Disney
because my batteries died.
i will tell you it included
entering the Twighlight Zone through
the Tower of Terror,
Getting the high score on the Toy Story ride...
Dancing in the lit up streets of NYC to Christmas music.
Seeing one STELLAR light show that got everyone in the Christmas spirit!
Jammin with Steve Tyler on the Rockin Roller Coaster.

all for...$0

thankyou Shelley

my sunday was excellent.
a slumber party with neysha in our hotel (which was like an apartment..quite large!)
church in the morning
where we saw HANDS DOWN the best Christmas program ever.

saw The Tourist.
not as good as expected.
but entertaining.

Universal = LINES!
but, again...lines that didn't cost me a penny!!!

thankyou neysha

plus, we discoverd that if we rode as "single riders"
we got to skip the long roller coaster lines.
this was us excited that we only waited 15 minutes for THE HULK!

of course the highlight of our stay at universal was kept
until last...

entering Hogsmede @ Harry Potter World.
believe me when i tell you there's a 3 hour wait
just to ENTER this part of the park.
it's THAT ridiculously packed.

i was in a fairytale.

the castle is the best part.
they even have talking paintings which look real.
i'm no Harry Potter freak, but this place makes me wish it really existed!

we sipped on pumkpin juice
and butter beer.
flew through the skies playing Quiditch.
battled it out on the double dragons roller coasters.
i like the red one best.
shelley even bought Harry's wand.

Neysha works at the Three Broomsticks

she got me complimentary Butter Beer
i like it best frozen.
wil likes it best as a mustache...

the day was well spent.
the whole weekend actually.

we left the park around 9.
and ready for bed.
but with an 8 hour drive ahead of us
because i had work at 8 am.
it was worth it though.

tomorrow the family fun begins.
Cinnamon and fam arrive
Tamaron and Cory fly in
Dacy and Ry and kids the next day.



m.e.w said...

i love this fun adventure!

m.e.w said...

AND i am a harry potter freak.
and am really jealous right now!