april showers bring may flowers, may flowers bring june bugs

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i had an early start today.
mamita and papi needed to be at the airport at the crack-o-dawn.
it got me to work extra-sunshiny early.
and..i'm in a great mood!

work is going well.
i enjoy my new job.
i'm writing internet articles on all kinds of pest control.
you name it.
i'm learning...a ton!

i had a hair update.
always rejuvenating!
fotos to come.

kevin has his ViSA INTERViEW pending for june 22nd.
july...are you here  y e t ? ? ? ! !
july = friends, family, love
london, my bffl, is coming. prego tummy and all!
nate will be here...for a day :)
kevin! - nuff said
and cinnamon & kids may be coming too to meet kevin.

i'm going downtown today after work to see
er, elizabeth harwood
one down-to-earth, intelligent and talented lady!
we met working for efy - wrote each other on our missions - and now
*happy reunion*

 mom and dad are in AZ
visiting familia for the g's anniversary.
it's going to be weird having the whole house to myself.
for a week. 


London said...

im glad you are so happy whit and havin a good day! im super excited to be coming too!!! i can't wait!!! it will be so fun...hey- i was thinking...would you mind taking some pics of me when im there?? like pregnancy pics...im hoping i look a little more pregnant and not just fat by the time im out there..haha...i will pay you...but included in my fee...i need you to do my make up too...hahaha..seriously tho. homegirl needs some help..being pregnant has made me UGLY. haha or maybe its just lazy? either way.. i NEED you.

whit said...


p.s. - oh be quiet. you are gorgeous.