things to look forward to. everybody needs them.

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we are growing more veggies than we know what to do with.
 i ran across these colorful ideas
thankyou, bhg!

Spinach, Grapes, and Bacon
Top baby spinach with grapes, bacon, dilled Havarti cheese, and pecans, then drizzle with warm bacon-raspberry vinaigrette.

Tomato Egg Salad
Roma tomatoes filled with creamy egg salad and a tangy cucumber mixture top crisp greens.

Chickpea Salad with Grilled Pita
For a meatless dinner idea or simple side dish, toss garbanzo beans with tomatoes, feta, mint, and an easy vinaigrette and serve with warm pita wedges.
(this one makes me excited because i have an obsession with hummus & pita)

Farmer's Market Grilled Cheese
For a quick dinner, layer spinach mayonnaise, goat cheese, zucchini, and tomato on sourdough bread, and then toast until golden.

 some of you might be gagging...
but i'm a veggie lover!!
can't wait to try em!

july...are you here YET?
apart from some very dear loved ones coming that month
i think i failed to mention that we got tickets to
it's true.
for the first time ever, i followed a complete season with my mom.
when they kicked off paul mcdonald, mom told me,
"if he ever comes in concert, let's go!"
coming from mom, age 60, and not a concert-goer
i smiled.
now look who's going!

the last concert she went to
was when she accompanied me and some friends to
Spice Girls
yes...that was my first concert
i was 11
i think.
haha...though i was thoroughly distraught
because when they toured in the states, Ginger Spice had already left the group
she was my favorite.


i also have tickets in july for

at the fabulous fox theater in atlanta

i got them for kevin and i to go.
the FOX is my favorite, so he has to experience it.
now i just pray everything comes thru for his visa.
and i've never seen fiddler i'm excited to see the old Russian man dance on the stage singing
"if i were a rich man...dabadeedledeedledoodledoobadeeba dum!.."

haha...something like that.

i've realized i have this fetish for throwing things away.
or consolidating/organizing.
now i'm not OCD about it...but i love tossing out uneeded things.
under my bed, in my desk, in my closet.
i get it from mom.
coming home from school and having my room newly organized
and seeing a large black trash bag full of stuff
and hear mom say:
"i went through your stuff and organized it all.
you wouldn't  B E L I E V E  the junk you had!
i have a whole trash bag full of stuff you won't even miss!"
how did she know what i wanted to keep and not?
she didn't.
i hated it.
there was no privacy at my house...
she entered any room
went through any drawers.closets.whatever.

so this past week mom and dad were out of town.
we have this organizer on the desk in the kitchen.
four shelves high. plastic.
who knows how many years we've had it.
so i decided to update it.
i found a very nice looking alternative @ office depot. 
on sale.
bought three to stack on top of each other.

now the fun part:
the thing is stuffed full of random papers
wedding announcements
mini calendars
business cards
newspaper clippings
restaurant menus
gardening tips name it...who knows...
but i took the liberty to throw out what i thought was junk!
4 shelves down to 3
and much slimmer, fits less.
PLENTY thrown away.
it looks much better.

best part: mom comes home.
sees it
and i tell her,
"you wouldn't  B E L I E V E  the junk that i threw out!
stuff from years ago...
you won't even know it's missing!"
her eyes got all big and she gasped,
haha...sweet revenge...
dad chuckled. 
i'm my mother's daughter.

not quite sure why i just shared that.
if you know my mother, it's kinda funny.

ps...i love my parents

happy hump day!


London said...

that story about your mom and the shelves had me laughing...i completely remember her just organizing stuff in your room and how mad you would get..its crazy how we are turning into our moms!!! ahhhh!!! hahaha who would of thought?

i love your food posts...when i come im gonna have you cook for me..haha...i still have no talent in that area...some things never change. or we can just do the salsa and chip thing...that always seemed to hit the spot just fine. haha

im glad you and kevin will get to go to the fox. such a great place. you will have so much fun! does he have to have a visa just to visit? i dunno how these things work.