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a beautiful saturday at the atlanta temple
la familia Zuniga was sealed.
it was a piece of heaven.

with all the hermanas
(mom and i stick out just a bit)

same weekend, two weddings
the second one was complete with swans on the lake!

the happy mr. and mrs. granadillo!
i worked with cristina @ bynum plumbing
with my new job, i miss having her to talk to!
though it was fun to finally meet all the people i had heard so much about.

that night was my first cuban food experience.
i think i fell in love.
and how ideal that the very next day,
there was a Groupon for Papi's Cuban Grill !!
i was all over that.

the first fruits!!!
nothing beats home grown.

i have a new love for hydrangeas.
ours are beginning to bloom...

i have a crush on tom sturridge.
...wouldn't you?

daily doodle:

thoughts from my week:

1-  i believe in angels

2-  don't be selfish...we are often the answer to other people's prayers.

3-  living by myself is lonely

4-  at age 24, the possibilites are still  e n d l e s s...

5-  i miss kevin.

6-  be flexible. life, or even days, rarely go how you plan. 

7-  some weeks, i only want to wear dresses. i find it refreshing.
after all, there is nothing wrong with feeling like a lady.
especially when you are one