how my mind works...

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after much contemplation, it has been decided:

everyone at some point in their life has been asked the question,
"if you could have any super power, what would it be?!"
common answers:
 - flying (...sure, that'd be cool)
- breath under water (....meh)
- shapeshift (...sweet, but you'd be nothing but a liar)
- read people's minds (...creep)
- go back in time ('re not God, ok)

i think the most rad thing EVER....
would be
the power to never need sleep.
am i wrong?
think of the possibilities!!!!
and of how that would change your life and what you could accomplish.
there are no down sides to this.
never getting tired.

FACT: by the time we're 75 years old, averaging 7 hours of sleep a day,
we will have wasted 22 years of our lives SLEEPING!!!!!

i've gone through my times of avoiding sleep,
without fail, i make myself sick
then i spend a couple days in bed making up for the sleep i tried to avoid
it's no use.
so i've grown fond of my naps and plenty of rest.
it'd be great if my brain and body functioned without any of that though.

the next topic on my mind...

when things stay the same for too long or just don't agree with my emotions
i get antsy and frustrated and can't handle it
so i seek ways to remedy the situation.

i'll start by analyzing my goals and progress to make myself feel better and accomplished.
with the new year, i established many goals.
one being budgeting better/saving...
yet i find myself to be a therapeutic shopper, so my bad day or frustration justifies a new cardigan (which i will totally wear all the time)
$100 worth of oil paints.
they were on sale though! (30% off @ Hobby Lobby. deal.)
ok, the cardigan i didn't NEED
but considering another goal i have is to use the dozen blank canvases stored
under my bed and in my closet,
$100 out of my savings is ok, ......right???

usually then, to clear my head, i'll go to Borders or Barnes n Noble for a couple hours
and peruse the books.
it works well for me
but i ended up leaving with another purchase,
it's a really rad art magazine and the new issue was out, i couldn't help it.

to complete my streak of impulsive behavior
which happens about once a month, do the math...
i ended up @ Paul Mitchell hair salon and came out a redhead.

  change is good.
it's refreshing.
and for me, therapeutic.
even if it is my hair color.
pathetic, yes.
don't judge me.

my weekly reminder: don't feel sorry for yourself. no matter how bad your situation,
things could ALWAYS get worse.
i was watching Ever After, and that quote hit home to me.

is it better to be born without sight, or go blind later in life?
is it better to have your heart broken, or to never have loved?
is ignorance really bliss?

...your thoughts would be greatly appreciated...


NTrust said...

Interesting thoughts. These are things I have pondered myself. And the reason I hate sleeping so much. That is the truth. Sometimes I wonder though if no one slept would we use the time more wisely or just waste it with other things. Some would work 80 hours a week a keep neglecting important things and some would just watch more tv. Id like to think my life would be even more fulfilled. I get antsy when things stay the same for too long as well. I understand you there. And to answer your questions.....I would rather be born blind, I would rather have my heart broken and Ignorance may be bliss but only because you are too ignorant to know what true bliss is. Only my opinions though.

m.e.w said...

1st i LOVE your hair.
2nd i get you about change being refreshing and about setting new goals and continuing progressing.
3rd def better to go blind later in life and also to have had a broken heart.

whit said...

mel: thankyou! and i agree. with all of it.
nate: no sleep would be a super power, not something the whole world would possess. but, watching 7 more hours of tv or 7 hours sleeping, isn't it really just the same in the end? and if you don't know how to spend your time, sleep or no sleep, that's a personal problem. either, one has more time. like in spider man - with great power, comes great responsibility! haha. "you cannot be saved in ignorance"...even though that is spiritually speaking, i'd always rather know than not.

Cinnamon said...

Enjoy reading your blog! You've always been good at putting words on paper, and making it interesting (something I am NOT good at!). Love your hair (I'm sure mom has her opinion). It's definitely better to go blind later in life, and I don't know about the no sleep thing. After a while of being super productive, I think I'd say "Enough already, I need to nap!".

Kelli LeBaron said...

love love love this post.

very insightful. and you're def accurate on the sleep thing. shape shifting is not actually that cool when you think of the practicality of it.

as far as your question, I agree with Nathan.. I'd rather be born blind than remember what I was losing. I'd spend the rest of my life remembering how great life was and not how great it can continue to be. And I'd also rather have my heart broken.. I suppose it's easier for me to say that because I have truly loved, but I have never truly been blind. minus the first 3 months of my life. :) hah.

Tamaron Allen said...

I'd definitely rather go blind later. that way I at least got a taste of all the beauties, color, shapes, architecture, faces, & places- to keep as memories.
then, eventually, the blindness would become a new blessing since it would heighten my other 4 senses as a result. that's all.
good reading and shtuff on here! toodles- love- me