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cutest movie i've seen in a long time.


it will be going in my collection.

daily doodle:
it's been one of t h o s e days.

i am also quite convinced that no matter where i end up...
my heart will always want to be back in georgia.
i used to dream of living in the city, but i think i'd hate it.
i love downtown...but i don't want to LiVE there.
i love the beach...but i'd miss the trees and the lakes and the parks.
i have family out west...but i would shrivel up in the dusty desert.
i need lots of trees and green. peace. and a friendly variety of people. 
i   love   georgia   best.


Ryan Ayres said...

Virginia has a lot of trees and a lake pretty close by to!

London said...

Amen sista...I thought the day would never come when I would give anything to go back to GA..but it's come and I miss it!!!