easter weekend

a visual review of my weekend
dacy, ry, and the kids came down to spend Easter with us.

we went to the Atlanta Temple Open House
the kids saw the inside of a temple for the FIRST time.
the changes to the inside are gorgeous.

fortunately there was no rain!
but...no sun either.

me . mamita . dacy

 that was our very "good friday"


we dyed (and tie-dyed) easter eggs and had a hunt

 dacy helping quin helping quin pick up the insides of an easter egg that
fell out of the tree on her head!

lil zia needed help with her hunt. i hid the eggs, so i knew where to look :)

emptying the candy out of the eggs afterwards

max found money in some of his eggs! (kids get excited about quarters)

 they found a REAL robin's eggs that fell out of the pine trees

this is my lovely family.

other f o t o s...

she loves them skittles

breakfast time when she doesn't get the pink cup.

we saw the movie RiO!
loved it!
now i want a little pet birdie.

Easter was also ryan's 32nd birthday.
we ate tacos. his fav.
shrimp. fish. and beef.
and we ate some more.
i think i gained some this weekend.
who cares
little chocolate bunnies are worth it.

(i have been doing a lot of this lately)...

true discovery begins with introspection
introspection requires pondering
pondering leads to understanding
what we understand, we hope to remember
to be remembered, it must be written.

a new life motto:


 (complements of boho mag)

more on change:
 i got a new job!
i have been blessed with my current job
and have quite enjoyed it.
but along came a new opportunity
and i took it!
i will start may 16th.
i will still be behind a desk, and on the phone some.
but, a pay raise. no weekends. and less hectic. 
i think right now i'm most excited about my paid vacation!
it works out perfectly for bringing kevin here this summer
(which i am overly-anxiously awaiting this summer!) (don't mind my grammar)


is it 5 o'clock yet???
i'm so ready for this work day to be over.
tomorrow's too. 
dacy and kids are driving here today from virginia.
ryan will fly down tomorrow.
happy easter weekend!!!

 i've been called as the sunbeam teacher! 
i'm very excited to teach the little 3 year olds
they tell me 3 of them don't know english
how fun to use my spanish!

turns out God answered one of my prayers,
just in a different way than expected.



first, i just ate completely fermented pineapple.
and more than i should have to.
i didn't MEAN to
and one would think i would have figured it out sooner.
i just thought the grapes they were in the container with made them taste funny.
i figure mom would have noticed when she put it together this morning. 
(ok, yes, i'm almost 24 and my mother still packs food for me everyday
i'm sure it's more common than you think, right?!)

anyway...my stomach feels queeezy..blechk

this past saturday we put the garden in!

it was an all day family project.
i did the tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers (my least favorite)
we also have summer squash
red, yellow, and green bell peppers
poblano chili peppers
green beans
and for the first time this year we're trying:
sweet potatoes
and carrots (at my request because i want to pull them out of the ground!)

anyway. i'm excited  for
the "fruits of our labors"

this past weekend i also had a breakdown.
my parents are troopers because MY frustration becomes THEIR frustration.
mom says i'm like a time bomb and they never know
until it builds up to much i burst into tears and let it all out.
the cause: kevin will no longer be able to make it in august.
so my new years resolution for a marriage in 2011 is out the window.
and so are all my plans i had.
my big question: WHAT NOW??

i'm doing much better since sunday.
kevin had his english test scheduled today.
though his mom has been in the hospital for the past 2 days,
i don't know if it all went through as planned.
he had to give her his blood for a transfusion.
BYU sent him a letter stating his application will be good for
 January of 2012 now.
they don't want him to have to rush all the visa/sponsor/housing/whatevers for august.
i won't be going to colombia for my birthday.
it's been decided that it would be better to put the money toward
bringing kevin out here for a visit.
especially since we have to wait for January now.
i want him to come in july.
his first U.S. of A. experience!!
and he could be here for the 4th!
i'm very very anxious for it.
i can cope much better when there's a plan and end goal.

lesson re-learned: My life is not run on


 Dacy found out she's having a boy!
(the chinese gender prediction chart
is always right.)

new goal: i've started reading The Biography of Thomas S. Monson
Q U A L i T Y.

I'm also reading A Million Little Pieces (very different from the book above)

both fascinating.

to keep in mind...

 in the words of Katy Perry:
"...after a hurricane,
comes a rainbow..."

(yes, i did just quote katy perry. let's all get over it now.)

dream in colors that haven't been made

life is better in color.

" I'd rather see the world 
from another angle."

1. i don't take as many pictures as i used to.

2. kevin, i miss you. 
i've realized i'm supposed to learn some sort of lesson from all this...
...i just don't know what that is yet. 

3. temple open house and re-dedication this month. 
president monson is coming!
so is dacy and fam.

4. i eat hummus almost every day. 

5. "you are never as bad as people tell you. you are also never as good." 
-larry howick-

6. i'm craving a picnic at the park. sunny day. feeding the ducks. 

7. and i'm excited for the movie RiO to come out :)


this is how i feel:

august, i don't think you will happen anymore.

by definition

no·ble   /ˈnoʊbəl/ [noh-buhl]       
adjective, -bler, -blest, noun

1. distinguished by rank or title.

2. pertaining to persons so distinguished.

3. of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence; lofty: a noble thought.

4. admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression, execution, or composition: a noble poem.

5. very impressive or imposing in appearance; stately; magnificent: a noble monument.

6. of an admirably high quality; notably superior; excellent.

7. famous; illustrious; renowned.
...on a personal note...something to consider.

april is here.

i haven't been updating this much lately.
tisk tisk.
really, i should, because i got this great Groupon for blurb.com
they will print my blog in book form...
journaling 21st century!
between my blog AND my hand written journals
my life and thoughts will be well remembered.

i think journals are very important.

anyway... HELLO SPRING!
overlooking the week's rain...the sun was beautiful today.
dad's "terracing" the veggie garden, it's looking great.
hauling all the bricks for it was a work out - for me at least. ha!
mom did something to her back last night and walks around extra slow and half hunched.
the gorgeous weather and bad back made her cry this morning because she can't go out
 and do all the work she had planned to in the yard.
that's her playground...gardening.
i felt bad, so i went out for her and removed the sticks and pine cones
from the rain/wind we've had
and raked the pine needles and leaves and re-groomed the pine islands.
the weather today was ideal indeed!
the dogwoods and azaleas are in full bloom. it's SPRING!
(notice all the pollen on the leaves from the pine trees...kinda ruins the picture...meh)

general conference saturday today!
it was a little bittersweet seeing as i've been with kevin the last 4 general conferences.
but saturday is always my favorite conference day.
and today fulfilled my expectations.

to remember:
The errand of angels is given to women.

"Fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith."
-President Thomas S. Monson-

Our desires become our priorities and reflect in our
actions/decisions/who we are/what we accomplish.
are MY desires/priorites what they should be?
i need to re-align my focus in life.

Members of the LDS church by the end of 2010: 14,131,467

my second mission reunion was this weekend in utah.
i wish i could have gone. 
hopefully by next time both kevin and i can go together.

it seems for a while now there have been no updates in kevin getting here.
the complications have been endless.
his family has been dealing with really discouraging situations lately.
when it rains it pours.
and sometimes you feel like you have every force against you.
it gets emotionally exhausting.
i'm to the point where i'm tired of hearing about other people's engagements
so happy together and even married already.
while kevin and i still are waiting just to be together.
it's been 6 months now.
and i don't think other people understand what it's like.
i try to not be bitter or angry or jealous or hopeless.
it gets lonely though.
and frustrating.
you know the tv show The Office...
in the first seasons when Pam was engaged for 3 years with no wedding in sight.
sometimes i feel like that will be me.
i don't want to go out and do anything
because the only person i'd want to do things with isn't even in the country.
and if i do go out...i'm boring. i'm not myself.
so i'd rather stay home.
LAME. i know.

sorry, i talk about this a lot.
and no one wants to read about it probably.
but, this is my blog. this is how i feel.
and getting it out...helps me feel better.
self-pity-party now over.

i've gone red potato crazy this week.
bought a HUGE bag of them.
so i made some yummy potato salad.
then i wedged them and roasted them with olive oil, parmesean and rosemary (mmm)
now i'm trying to come up with other ideas.

i want to go to colombia for my birthday.